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  • Sentinel’s CCTV solutions- Designed for Optimum Office Protection

    CCTV solutions are mandatory in today’s offices. Loss of crucial properties from an office can take a toll on the entire country. Plus, accidents and unfortunate occurrences like fire, electricity failure, etc. can happen anytime in an office premise. Sentinel Monitoring Ltd. installs and maintains the best CCTV system for any kind of office irrespective of size.

    Our office CCTV cameras can protect the whole office premises from unwanted intruders. Additionally, the cameras help in protecting staff from harassment and assault. You can keep customers’ data safe as the cameras keep watch on the files, desks, and storage shelves. CCTV cameras safeguard the entire office building from malicious mischief.

    Law of CCTV systems in the office:

    • Inform the staff, customers, and visitors that they are under CCTV surveillance.
    • Police, court of law, and state authorities can ask for CCTV images if necessary, and you have to present it.
    • General Data Protection Act regulates that the owner of the CCTV footage holds the responsibility to make sure that images and videos are protected from getting leaked or stolen.
    • Everyone hold the right to check CCTV footage in which they are present. They have to request for viewing the footage.
    • You should delete the footage that is no longer required. It must be within 30 days.

    Four Acts concerning CCTV in office:

    • The Data Protection Act governs the way of processing of personal data along with movement and protection of the same.
    • The Protection of Freedoms Act governs the way of using CCTV in public places.
    • The Human Rights Acts governs the right to privacy of people in public places, workplaces, and home.
    • The Freedom of Information Act governs access to public authorities’ information.

    Remember that you cannot use CCTV for any invasive or intrusive purposes in office area.

    Types of cameras we install in offices:

    Dome Cameras: You can mount these devices on walls. Protect them with the help of polarized covers that disguises the ways pointed by cameras.

    Bullet Cameras
    : These cameras remain visible. The devices alert the intruders trying to enter an office area. Bullet cameras are extremely affordable.

    Thermal Imaging / Night Vision Cameras
    : These devices efficiently guard your office properties at both day time and night time.

    Automatic Number plate recognition Cameras
    : These devices are installed at the gates and the parking areas.

    360-degree cameras
    : These devices have multiple lenses that can keep a 360-degree watch. The cameras are similar to dome cameras in their outlook, and are usually mounted on the ceiling.

    Wireless Cameras
    : You don’t need data cabling to connect these devices to your network. Wireless cameras are budget friendly.

    Pan Tilt and Zoom Cameras
    : These devices can be mounted on walls. You can use a typical frame that rotate and zoom in.

    Wired cameras
    : These devices can connect to a network through Ethernet cabling, cables, fiber, etc. They offer higher bandwidth, and you get detailed footage.

    What we do?

    We discuss your specific office CCTV requirements. Our experts suggest the most suitable CCTV solutions for your precise office needs. We talk with our clients in details and help them decide the type of camera, image resolution, lights, etc. required for optimum protection of office properties.


    For quick installation and routine maintenance of office CCTV systems, contact our CCTV Experts now!