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    High-Performance CCTV Monitoring Services in UK for your Total Safety

    Sentinel Monitoring specializes in CCTV monitoring services with unrivaled knowledge and experience about home and business security needs. If you need to protect your home, business, and other properties in the UK, we can serve you the best.

    How do our officers and security personnel conduct their duties?

    • Detect all the zones
    • Set up video analytics
    • Install alarms, CCTV camera, and audio-voice system
    • Provide the authorized app or viewing software to the clients
    • The video editing professionals can commission time lapse video cameras.

    We are unique because:


    Our technologies are unparalleled:

    The images captured by our CCTV systems are crystal clear. The user interfaces are outstanding. You can monitor your home, office, warehouse, retail store, etc. through our mobile app from any corner of the world.

    We provide 24/7 remote CCTV monitoring services nationwide from our center. Our security officers are industry experts perfectly understand your scenario in particulars. They suggest the ultimate solution that fits your budget as well as needs.


    How much does CCTV monitoring cost?

    CCTV monitoring services are highly cost-effective. Many residence and business owners are replacing static guarding, alarm response, and key-holding services with remote CCTV monitoring.

    The entry-level visually verified CCTV monitoring service price can cost you yearly lowest than the rest. Here, an external device like an intruder alarm drives the activities. The price varies depending on your system’s size.

    Camera activated CCTV monitoring service is the most popular now a days. All the activities are efficiently driven by the camera’s analytics. It can be as simple as line crossing or standing in a restricted zone, or it can be critical aspects like a suspicious person trying to enter a premise illegally, or an unattended baggage left in front of an office building or shopping arena. The CCTV monitoring costs depend on the system’s size, volume of activation, and types and patterns of analytics.

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    Deterrent to reducing and preventing crime

    Cost effective to having manned security on site

    Track every move of the potential intruder

    Communicate over PA system to deter intruder

    Protecting staff / visitors on site out of hours

    Peace of mind your premises are protected

    Reduce Insurance Premiums