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  • CCTV Monitoring Experts in UK

    Sentinel Monitoring Ltd was established in 2011 formerly  known as Sentinel Security One Ltd., providing a wide range of security services to the public and private sectors across the UK.

    Our passion and primary focus is providing state of the art CCTV remote monitoring to protect you, your business or your home from opportunistic and professional theft.

    Our company philosophy is founded on a commitment to continually strengthen, develop and manage our operatives, practices and equipment we use. Remaining fully connected to this core commitment will always be a supporting guide on our journey to becoming one of the leading providers in our industry.

    Why should you choose us?
    – We are experienced and have been providing our best since 2011
    – We have served over 200+ Businesses and Homes in UK
    – Our Smart Video Analytics gives our clients seamless and uninterrupted service to observe the area round the clock.
    – Sentinel operators will issue an audio challenge to intruders warning them to leave the premises as they are monitored by LIVE CCTV.
    – Not only intruders, but also our customised design and integration system help with fire alarm, and access control systems.
    – Our security professionals are well trained, SIA (Security Industry Authority) Licensed and skilled.
    – We use most advanced CCTV Security Technology.


    The three D's process

    No one wants a security incident on their site or in their organisation. So how do we prevent the likelihood of a security breach, an attack, or another security issue at your site? That is where the three D’s of security come in: deter, detect, and defend. The three D’s are a way for an organisation to reduce the probability of an incident. But what are they, exactly? And what happens if an event does happen? Fortunately, there are phases that cover all the steps of responding to an incident.


    Using the latest detection technology from Calipsa allows our highly skilled SIA Licensed CCTV operators to be alerted immediately of any intruders on your premises.


    Sentinel operator will issue an audio challenge to intruders warning them to leave the premises as they monitored by live CCTV.


    All incidents are reported in real time to Police and Key holders giving a rapid response time to your premises.