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  • People, nowadays have become more conscious about security. Working individuals prefer installing wireless CCTV camera at their particular premises to keep a keen watch on the trespassers. If you are thinking of contacting a security provider for new advanced wireless CCTV systems, then know the pros and cons of the same.

    Pros or benefits of wireless CCTV:

    1. No wires:

    Wireless camera itself discloses the first advantage, and that is, it doesn’t contain any wire. So, criminals who carry wire cutters to destroy wired security systems can’t do the same to a wireless CCTV system. Hence, they can’t manipulate wireless cameras and enter a house or office for stealing things.


    1. Easy to install:

    Wired CCTV cameras need drilling holes and expensive mounting kits for installation. But, wireless systems are less time consuming and extremely simple to use. Angle the cameras in any way you require for proper CCTV surveillance.


    1. Highly flexible:

    Lack of wires help CCTV cameras to be installed at any place. You can’t do the same with traditional CCTVs as the wires can restrict the chance of remote placements. Whereas, you can conceal wireless cameras easily as these devices can be placed at any corners for precise monitoring. The intruders won’t know that they are being watched.


    1. Smart alarm system:

    The smart alarm system infused in wire CCTV cameras alerts as well as scares criminals. Burglars and other wrongdoers spot CCTV cameras before breaking-in a premise. They know that their activities will be caught and can be presented as evidence before police and court. Hence, they tend to take extra care and avoid entering homes or office buildings with wireless CCTV cameras.


    1. Criminals abort their mission:

    Benefits of wireless CCTV include abortion of wrongdoing by the criminals. Prevention is always better than cure. Highly advanced wireless CCTV camera force robbers and thieves to abort their mission of breaking-in your property and conduct unlawful activities.


    1. Secured and clear footage:

    Wireless cameras usually save data to the cloud. High end cameras are associated with alarm monitoring services. Hence, you will get back up of your footage. Criminals try to damage CCTV footage. With a solid back up, you can always catch the criminals and build case against them.


    1. Secured encryption method:

    Wireless CCTV cameras use highly secured encryption methods to back up digital data. Cyber criminals can’t hack the data at all. Plus, these systems have independent power sources that let the devices work even during power outages.


    1. Better home management:

    Keep watch on your kids, domestic helps, pets, and other family members through wire cctv systems. Get complete peace of mind as you don’t need to stress about how everyone is doing in home. You can check them from anywhere. Also, you can instruct them or talk to them whenever you find something may go wrong.


    1. Easily accessible:

    You can place wireless CCTV cameras up to 10 miles distance from the receiver. The signal of wireless systems are so strong that it can pass through metal, plastic, glass, walls, and wood.  You will be able to check the feed from any part of the world.


    1. Claim insurance benefits easily:

    If in any case, your property suffers damage which includes motorbikes, cars, etc., you can claim insurance benefits with the help of CCTV footage. It becomes very easy to identify fire or riots. The footage acts as a ready reference for investigation of mishaps, and makes it easier for you to claim the deserved insurance.


    Cons or disadvantages of wireless CCTV camera:

    Like every device, wireless CCTV cameras also have certain cons.


    • Help from professional technician:

    You may not be a tech expert. So, if anything happens to the wireless security system, you have to hire a professional technician to fix the problem.


    • Signal disruption:

    This can be a big problem with wireless CCTV camera. These types of devices work on one particular frequency. There is a big risk of disrupted signals in the presence of other networks including microwaves, internet, etc.


    • Can be hacked:

    Absence of strong secured encryption can let the door open to the hackers to hack data.


    • Compromised image and video quality:

    Disrupted signals may compromise the quality of images and video.


    Wireless CCTV price:

    The demand of wireless cameras are higher than the traditional ones because of the advantages. These CCTV cameras come with unique features like remote key panels, control panels, sensors, radio transmitters, and sirens. The more the features are, the higher the price is. If you frequently remain out of your home for work or other purposes, it is better to invest in an expensive wireless CCTV system.


    Plus, add the installation charge. Professionals will take an amount for installing the cameras at the required points. Besides, you need to take assistance of a technical professional for hassle-free operation by the devices consistently.


    The cost of an average single camera can be between £20 and £550. The amount depends on memory card, camera, and channels. An entire wireless CCTV system can come between £340 and £1900. Additional costs can include doors and windows, types of locks, etc. for security enhancement.