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  • Schools are a crucial venue that requires 24/7 protection. Nowadays, every school in the UK appoints special security guards and install CCTV cameras for optimum safeguarding of students, staffs, and school properties.

    Let’s discuss how and why schools use CCTV systems to remain 100% safe.

    During vacation:

    Often, intruders target schools when the vacation is on. Majority of UK schools have high-tech CCTV cameras with audio and alarm systems to deter anti-social behavior, criminal activities, and to protect the entire premises from theft, and vandalism.

    The Department of Education has published a security measure guidance that include CCTV, lighting, storage, alarms, and fencing.

    Besides, schools are an easy target for thieves, vandals, kidnappers, and other criminals. CCTV in schools are focused on some special areas like cycle storage zones, sports equipment sheds, outbuildings, gates, playgrounds, corridors, vacant areas where kids may visit, etc. It acts as a potential deterrent against wrongdoers.

    Protect schools from drug dealers:

    Drug dealers and substance sellers target schools because they can get thousands of innocent kids who can be their potential customers. Furthermore, it becomes very challenging to remove these anti-social people once they set up their camp around the schools and colleges. It becomes crucial to place CCTV cameras in and out of the schools to keep a keen watch on these activities and prevent the same.

    Video analytics and other technologies are extremely useful:

    Advanced CCTV in schools UK includes pro features like appearance search technology, video analytics, and facial recognition. These features help in instant assessment of video footage and catch culprits in seconds. The latest surveillance technology let the search terms to be installed to the analytical software, and helps in automatic tracking and identifying intruders.

    Effectively deals with emergency situations:

    Horrific incidents like fire, earthquake, bomb threat, unwanted chaos, etc. can happen anytime. But, in a big school with thousands of students, teaching and office staff, and others, it becomes highly challenging to evacuate the premises on time. CCTVs in schools can detect these occurrences and send alarms to the respected authorities on time so that the experts can take immediate an appropriate action.

    Additionally, high end cameras are associated with footfall heat maps. Using the combination, school authorities can effectively plan escape routes even in tightly spaced zones. Also, the security officers can remotely monitor entries and exits to be sure that these places are always out of danger.

    Delivers useful footage:

    Most of the high end remote CCTV in schools UK are assisted by panic alarms along with silent alarm buttons. It helps in having great control over alert function timely. CCTV systems provide the accurate footage that can be used as evidence before police and other legal associates. No teacher and student will remain unattended, and safety measures can be taken on the perfect timing. The footage also helps in getting prepared for future emergencies.

    Remote access control:

    Many security agencies appointed by recognized schools in the UK consider remote control access as a valid part of remote monitoring services. The officers deliver improved regulation for approved and authorized visitors.

    During evacuation in emergency, remotely supervised CCTV in schools UK can identify if any student or staff is stuck somewhere in the school premises. The systems can track people moving from one room to another. Also, it can track a location with suspicious packages and hence, necessary authorities can be called for the needful. The cameras also deliver a visual feed for identifying the individuals who succeeded in leaving the premises and where they gathered after leaving.

    Allows authorized visitors only:

    No unwanted person is supposed to enter a school premises at any point of time. CCTV cameras can keep monitoring the entire school 24/7. Hence, the respected authorities can restrain the doubtful individuals. It will ensure safety of everyone in the school.

    Tension Free Parents :

    Parents of school kids remain in tension when their children remain in school. If the school premises is protected by high tech CCTV cameras and other associated devices along with professional security officers, parents can be stress free.

    CCTV in schools law – UK

    Schools in the UK should obey the code of practice of the Information Commissioner’s Office in case of using CCTV. The schools must put signs to inform people about the surveillance.

    Data protection fee should be paid for processing personal data.

    In the UK, the Data Protection Act 1988 is replaced by the General Data Protection Regulation. The schools must be GDPR compliant. Rules should be followed in case of collecting or recording personal data of students and staff. The processing of personal data must ensure absolute security against unlawful activities, damages, and accidental loss.

    A monitored alarm system is crucial for school buildings as per the Department of Education.