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  • Construction sites need more than security cameras. Often, issues including power cut and lack of data infrastructure take place in these sites. So, a combined solution of surveillance camera and security professional is required. Companies hire top notch security officers and install high end construction site surveillance camera for a 24 X 7 X 365 protection.

    Usually, construction sites are huge. It is difficult to keep watch on all the corners simultaneously. Trained security professionals and latest CCTV systems together can curb the chances of mishaps and burglary. The advanced technology of the construction site CCTV monitoring is scalable. Moreover, all the cameras along with the alarms are interconnected to each other. Hence, the entire site can be effectively covered simultaneously.

    Good security companies have the best solution.

    They have the back up of solar powered solutions in case the site suffers from power cut. These companies are ready with cellular solutions if there is zero data infrastructure. The advanced construction site surveillance cameras can detect trespassers even before entering the confidential property. Alarms get activated and the intruders get the alert.

    Construction site CCTV monitoring is deployed according to the site’s physical characteristics. Anytime, addition and subtraction of cameras can be done. It complement the construction site’s security profile. Plus, the security professionals patrol the entire zone on shift basis, especially during night.

    Importance of on-site security professionals:

    The construction contractors appoint security guards for optimal security. Machines can only detect the thieves, but trained and armed officers can stop them on the spot and take the right action. The wrongdoers usually stay away from any site that is guarded by both security cameras, alarms, and live guards.

    Video surveillance is the most effective security solution.

    In today’s scenario, thieves and burglars have become technologically smart. So, to save a construction site from their mischief, video surveillance works the best. Construction site CCTV monitoring systems can be customized to meet specific needs. Also, criminals won’t try to break in a property when they will see video cameras are pointing them. Get hold of cameras that can tilt, pan, and zoom to get 360 degree view in real time.

    Added, video analytics work well in poorly lighted areas.  Also, you will get the benefit of perimeter detection, talk-down feature, and much more. Whenever, an unwanted individual will try to enter the premises, you can warn him or her in real-time. Plus, video surveillance systems can be set up on utility poles, work trailers, etc. You can also opt for mobile surveillance units for specific infrastructure needs and flexible location.

    Video monitoring can add to the protection of your construction site. The certified an experienced security professionals have profound knowledge of what and how to look and act via video monitoring. Authorities can take instant action whenever needed. You will be notified if necessary.

    Prevent liability lawsuits:

    Construction site surveillance cameras allows you to see the time-lapse video of the activities going on at the construction site. It helps you to monitor progress and identify whether any problem is going to arise. So, these cameras play a major role in protecting the workers’ health and lives along with effective loss prevention.

    Use the camera feed as a potent marketing tool.

    Use the surveillance cameras to construct a strong message about your construction site. You can promote your site and projects via live feeds and still images. It will help in increasing traffic to your website, and interested viewers can be your customers. Also, show the camera feed to the potential investors and earn their confidence.

    Construction site CCTV monitoring for boosted efficiency:

    The stakeholders and construction managers can remotely monitor the work progress through cctv surveillance cameras. Also, there lies an opportunity to make live as well as recorded video status records of the progress of the projects. You can install a camera having the facility of high zoom level allowing for detailed observation of faces and objects present at the construction site.

    The construction site surveillance cameras can be re-used in multiple projects. Once a project is completed, uninstall the devices and fix them to another construction site. Save a lot of money.

    Regulate the resource usage:

    The level of activities in a construction site is always high, and it is very tough to determine the resource usage level. It is not possible for the manager to monitor all the resources physically including hardware tools, cement, etc. High end CCTV systems can be the eye for the managers. They can easily determine whether any illegal activity is going on or if the resources are in proper use.

    CCTV systems are mandatory for construction sites of any size. The combination of security professionals and surveillance cameras can save the site from any type of accident and unfair means.